• "Unfailingly moving and performed to perfection by Laiona Michelle"

    Laiona Michelle is making her Broadway debut as Nanna..."Anytime I'm starting to feel to comfortable playing this role, something is wrong"

    "...Everyone in the 1,162-seat Nederlander house stops breathing and leans forward. Michelle’s fiercely delivered “Daybreak” has the same effect."

    "When I think of Amazing grace, i take on a wider view of the whole world"

    "There isn’t a moment, even a silence or a break in the action, that’s not filled with Dinah’s spirit or emotion or thought."

    "Laiona Michelle who as Nanna in Amazing Grace rips your heart out of your chest as she conveys an entire history of suffering in a few scenes"

    "Laiona Michelle’s performance has wrought rave reviews for the complexity of her character and Michelle’s overall on point performance, vocally and otherwise."